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Gather feedback effectively

Build ISO 9001 capability

Resolve any customer disputes without PR damage

Use feedback to build sales & reduce costs

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Learn how to turn ANY feedback into an opportunity

but it’s what you do with it that really matters

Customer feedback is vital

Effective Customer Feedback Systems are the key business effectiveness tool in the world of the empowered customer, instant online reviews and rampant social media. Yet many organisations get this badly wrong and often try to cover the gaps with clever ‘sales and marketing’. This destroys profits and makes life much harder than it needs to be. For typically less that £100/month you can engage the services on an Investors in Feedback helper, who will help and support you to get it right.


10 reasons why it’s best to get professional help for effective customer feedback systems


Why Bother?

Effective feedback is THE business critical tool for customer loyalty, market research, growth and profit in the 21st Century.

Yet most feedback and ‘customer satisfaction’ systems are lame and pointless at best, and all too often are actually misleading and destructive.

It’s essential to use a professional accreditation and advice service in order to get this right.

How it Works

This is the Normal Process:

1. We have a 10 minute (or so) chat: you want to know more
2. We book the next steps: choose your needs from:

  • Systems Audits
  • People Audits
  • Reputation Audits
  • Quality Accreditation
  • Problem Resolution
  • Coaching & Training

Free Consultation

You want to know if and how Investors in Feedback could help you?

We offer an initial no obligation telephone consultation to find out what needs and issues you want to resolve.

The Investment

Every Investment in Time or Money needs to have a sound return.

You just use the products and systems that suit your needs at any time.

We agree the targeted return before you commit.

There is never any ongoing obligation.

Average investment is around £100/month.

Need Help?

Put your questions to us by email, and we’ll see how we can help you.

There is of course no obligation … at any time.

Your Needs


      • High quality proven systems to help you gather feedback and engage with your customers


      • Systems to increase customer loyalty, cross sales, up sales, referrals and reputation


      • Continually decreasing Marketing costs


      • Kite Mark and Accreditation, to give you and your customers peace of mind


      • A library of resources to help you excel


      • Access to highly trained and accredited coaches and mentors, to help you excel in the long term, should you need them




This is too important not to do, and not to do well.

Why Us?

There are a lot of services out there offering to gather feedback for you, or to train your people.

We are different: our aim is to:

    • Help YOU find the right method of feedback for your market, and empower you to use that feedback to build customer loyalty, reputation and referrals
    • Help you train and empower your PEOPLE continually
    • Train and advise you on SYSTEMS to make things happen, whilst minimising cost
    • Take away your worry through helping you manage REPUTATION effectively
    • Advise you on SYSTEMS to build Sales, Referrals and Profitability
    • Ensure you keep COSTS down, while improving RESULTS
    • Only do what’s REALLY needed to get the job done: you need to see us as a trusted partner in your business, not a supplier who costs you money!

We charge no setup fees and have no ‘tie-in’ arrangements, so our success depends on us achieving the above goals for you.

We have no financial benefit in getting you to do ‘more stuff’: we just help you do what’s right to get the best results.

All our work is licensed, proven and accredited.

Our systems help you towards ISO 9001 Accreditation (if required)

Investors In Feedback

We work with you to look at every aspect of your feedback and customer engagement systems, and ensure they deliver consistently excellent results.
There is no such thing as ‘bad feedback’: every piece of feedback, handled properly can deliver more sales and an enhanced reputation.

You can access our services as any of:

  • Direct Feedback gathering from your clients by accredited Partners
  • Audit, accreditation and advice to make your existing systems work brilliantly
  • Training and Coaching to make things happen
  • Licensing, so you can use our systems to help others

Get in Touch

Free Consultation and how Investors in Feedback could help you? Drop us a line.

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