10 reasons why it’s best to get a professional service provider to gather feedback for you

  • 1. Honesty of data

    The customer just wants to tell you what they think, honestly … without embarrassment or upset. The ONLY way you can be sure of this is via anonymous feedback conducted by a 3rd

  • 2. Provides perspective

    The 3rd party will see the feedback just as it is, and will be able to see the issues clearly and from an unbiased but expert perspective. No matter how objective you think you are, you’ll filter feedback through your own emotions and desires.

  • 3. Cost-effective use of time and resources.

    Your expertise lies in providing your service. Using a 3rd party to collate and provide customer feedback is both cost-effective in time, and avoids distraction and bias. Your energies are best used dealing with the feedback to improve your business, not in gathering it.

  • 4. Ensures integrity to the customer’s needs and desires.

    Again, no matter how ‘objective’ you are, you won’t be able to resist the odd extra question here and there. This will destroy the exercise in the customer’s view. The customer just wants you to listen to them … nothing else!

  • 5. High response rates.

    People open up to 3rd parties in a way they’ll never open up to you. When they get contacted (properly and professionally) by a 3rd party, it’s a valuable and professional experience: it’s normal for us to have the customer say: ‘Thanks so much for calling: I’m really impressed that [abc co] take my custom seriously and asked you to contact me’.

  • 6. High Value

    If you’re paying for the service, you’ll want to use it as much as possible. If you do it yourself it’ll just be a chore and your mindset will be the opposite.

  • 7. A regular report with a ‘score’.

    Only a 3rd party can give you an objective score for you to use to motivate and encourage your people. Only a 3rd party will always produce a full report … if you do it, you may be tempted to cut corners in these vital areas.

  • 8. Peace of mind

    Using a 3rd party ensures it gets done on time every time, and takes away another worry from you.

  • 9. Resource

    Using a customer service specialist means that you’ll benefit from their input and resources to improve your business.

  • 10 Shows you’re serious

    Using a 3rd party shows that you really do want to know what your customer thinks, and that you’re prepared to invest money and time with a professional to do this. This builds loyalty in itself.

Remember: You don’t want ‘satisfied’ customers, you want ‘delighted’ ones. Enough said…