Your customers are talking…  Are you listening?

In today’s hyper connected, value savvy global marketplace, your customers are becoming ever more the key and demanding.  They can talk about you behind your back to the world at the touch of a button and the speed of light. To quote Jeff Bezos: ‘Your brand is what the customer says when you’re not in […]

Why it’s important to invest in feedback

We all know how important feedback is in today’s market: customers, previously disempowered by misleading advertising, now or have the opportunity for worldwide networking, worldwide research, and opinions from users on your Product or service. Yet, so often, they can do this behind your back, without your knowledge, and without giving you the opportunity to […]

Your brand is what people say about you behind your back

Jeff Bezos, CEO of probably the most successful retail business of all time, is consistently quoted as saying the above about businesses Brands. Yet, how much time and effort do businesses often put into feedback and genuinely getting close to the customer versus developing Brands and pretty Logos? I think the point is clear: […]