How can we make more money?

How can we make more money?

OK, this is the question we answer for clients all the time, and I guess the 1st thing to do is to change it round:

From: How can we make more money?

To: How can we generate more demand for what we do?

After all, everything is just a market delivered by supply and demand.

And then this question will start to get the creative juices flowing with really great questions that, if answered well and delivered on, will result in a greater flow of money to you. (And this is true whether you’re the MD of a Fortune 500 Organisation or the newest employee in a small business).

  • How can we be more valuable?
  • What value is most desirable to our customer?
  • What value will they be wanting in the future?
  • What will they need to experience in order to rave about us?
  • What could we stop doing because it adds no value?
  • Where are we wasting time and resource but don’t yet know it?
  • How will we know the answers to all these questions?
  • How can we be more approachable and reliable?
  • How can we listen more closely, so they love us more?
  • How can we stand out from the crowd?
  • How can we get our message out more effectively?

And then, when we answer these questions and act on them, the question ‘How can we make more money?’ answers itself.




How can we measure success?

How can we measure success?

How can we measure success? Is this not the most important question in the universe?

After all, what gets measured gets done.

So, really the answer to this question lies in another question: what does ‘success’ mean to you?

If success just means ‘as much money as possible’, then the measure is easy … you just ruthlessly measure money (and be sure not to measure the number of people you upset as you trample all over them in this ruthless request for success).

Does this situation look somewhat familiar in some of the business activities all around us?

If, however, you want to think a little deeper, and perhaps have a slightly more mature attitude to success, you might consider that: ‘money is important, it helps me achieve what I want to in life, but I also need clear purpose and passion, and, besides, I’ll only ever be truly great at delivering what turns me on’.

So, in this case, a measure of progress and passion (and how others perceive this) will be your primary measure, followed by a measure of money, to make sure it’s also taking you in a positive direction (as a strictly secondary measure).

The first measure is a long term measure of deep success, that you will leave a lasting legacy with those around you on. The second measure is just a short term measure on beans … ‘do we have enough beans to keep doing what we’re truly great at?’

Please contact us at for more information on lead and lag measures, and how to use measures effectively to generate true long term success at all levels.


How to develop processes and systems to build sales?

How to develop processes and systems to build sales?

A somewhat boring seeming question?… Maybe… But let’s put it this way – if any of your systems aren’t aimed at helping you sell more (in the long term), then what are they there for?

Many Organisations have systems that have grown up to solve problems that arose in the past – and often these systems often actually get in the way of boosting sales (Like a credit control system that doesn’t allow a customer to order over a limit). So you need a proactive approach to your systems, like everything else.

So, for every system, continually review, inch by inch: ‘Is this helping build sales?’

  • If yes, ask: ‘What can we do to tweak it to build more sales?’
  • If no, ask: ‘Why is it in place? Can we get that result without sacrificing sales?’

We suggest a weekly process called ‘Go the Extra Inch’ to work on one process per week – don’t go at this like a bull in a china shop – and aim to improve your processes properly week by week.

And one more thing: maybe even better questions would be:

  • ‘How can this process be tweaked to make the customer more eager to buy?’
  • ‘Can we get this result without harming the customer experience?’

The difference is subtle and massive.

‘Sales through Service’ is a proven and powerful set of systems to boost sales whilst also enhancing the customer experience – to receive a free ebook ‘The 7 Deadly Sins of Sales’, please email or visit