3 Reasons why your Marketing may not be working

Marketing drives sales, right?


In a world of the empowered customer, the old ‘marketing drives sales’ model is becoming grossly out of date.

Sure, marketing is still very important: it’s just that the order of action has changed, and marketing now fits in differently, and may have a very different role.

Here are 3 key reasons why you current Marketing may not be working:

  1. Push rather than pull: most marketing is based simply on a ‘push’ philosophy, and indeed this is still taught at most business schools. The reality of a customer empowered world is that your customer doesn’t believe a word you say when you’re trying to push them: they can find out all they need to know about you from reviews on the web, discussion forums, and comments on social media. Intelligent marketeers in this new world change from trying to ‘push’ to trying to ‘pull’, through being genuine, responsive and truly remarkable.

2. Polishing a turd: let’s face it, we all want to hype ourselves up a bit, and present a ‘click bait’ image to the                 world: yet, we need to get a grip on ourselves and stop trying to polish turds. The empowered customer will find           the truth over time, and if we’ve quietly under promised and over delivered, they’ll love us and promote us to              their friends. If, on the other had, we’ve over promised (which is known as ‘normal’ in many marketing circle),            and then slightly under delivered, our unpolished turds will be lain bare for all the world to see … and there’ll be          nothing we can do about it.

3. Your agenda, not their agenda: the traditional approach of marketing is to try and expose how ‘great’ we               think our products and services are, in the most efficient way possible, to our target market. The reality is that             customers don’t give a damn: they’re only interested in what they want, and how your product or service will               solve a need in their life. In a world where customers can research answers to their needs at the touch of a                     button, any place, any time, your opinion on the ‘greatness’ of your products or services is now irrelevant, and             instead just gets in the way of your customer finding what they want. Focus instead on making life easy for your           customer, and giving them the perception that you genuinely care about their needs.

A good example of ‘new marketing’ would be: publishing articles that don’t sell anything, they just add value to the reader. If the reader gets value from them, they may well then contact you when they need some help in that area. Like this article!

In a nutshell:

  • In the old world of one way mass communication, and the relatively dis-empowered customer: your marketing was the mainstay of your route to market: it was the best solution for you and your customer.
  • In the new world of two way mass communication, and relatively empowered customers, your marketing instead needs to add value to your brand and customer relationship: then, and only then, will they spread the word to those around them. Then you’ll be a winner.

So, what to do about it: see our next blog: 4 steps to make your marketing more effective, which will be posted soon.

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