4 Steps to make your Marketing more Effective

‘How to win at marketing and drive more sales?’: this must be the most frequently asked business question of all ‘How to win at marketing and drive more sales?’time.

  • Every individual and Organisation wants their Marketing to make life easier and drive success to them

Yet time and time again we see massive under-performance in actual results versus prospective results.

So, in this day and age, can we look at marketing in a more enlightened way?

The answer is, of course, yes.

If we stop asking how we can market ourselves better and instead start taking the following four steps, we will definitely get better results:

1. Change our beliefs.  We need to stop trying to market ourselves and start trying to wow the customer: confidently and consistently in the certain belief that, if we do this well and make it easy for customers, they will want to engage with us and buy more from us.

2. Stop designing Marketing systems and processes aimed exclusively at making a sale. Instead they need to be aimed at impressing the customer by harmonising with their real (emotional) needs.

3. Spend our Marketing budget on building relationships through consistent small steps.  Customers hate to be sold to, but love to buy.  They hate it when we try to take large, obvious steps to get their custom but they love it when our systems and processes use small steps to impress and energise them.

4. Have ‘lead’ measures.  Marketing Departments need to stop obsessively measuring reach and numbers.  Instead they need to start using new measures (known as ‘lead measures’) that empower and energise continued improvements in customer loyalty, reputation and relationship.

In short, the answer to how to win at Marketing in the world of the empowered and joined-up customer is to:

  • go slower and turn the Marketing process on its head
  • focus all Marketing systems, processes and actions on wowing the customer and fostering customer trust

In the world of Social Media and the empowered customer, it is madness to assume that we can ‘market’ to anyone.  The customer now chooses their own route to market.

The real winners in marketing are those who realise that by taking it slowly, not trying to sell to everyone, and designing systems and processes across all areas of their business to systematically blow customers’ socks off, they achieve blow your socks off long-term success and profitability.

And that is how to truly win in the long term.

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