Becoming an Investors in Feedback Licensee

Investors in Feedback

  • A low cost, high value, startup tool for quality people wishing to escape the rat race and start a new business advice, audit and accreditation service
  • Or a low cost, high value, add on tool for existing coaches and business advisers who want to build their toolkit and grow business by offering clients a branded annually repeating business advice, audit and accreditation service

Investors in Feedback is a set of powerful and valuable audit, accreditation and advice systems that you can use as a coach or business adviser to add value to your existing offer, to win new clients and add massive value to your existing clients.


These are proven systemised tools specifically designed for the 21st century world of the empowered customer, online reviews, and social media.

There are 6 tools:

  1. Customer Experience Audit
  2. People Audit
  3. Reputation Audit
  4. Operational Systems Audit & Accreditation
  5. Referral systems Audit & Accreditation
  6. Elastic & Velcro Marketing Systems

These are backed up by:

  • Proven advice, coaching and training tools
  • Kitemarks and accreditation level awards


Are you A Business Professional or Coach who wants a low cost but high client value tool to start or boost your business?

An Investors in Feedback ® licence offers you a low cost / high value tool to build your own coaching, training and business improvement business, using proven systems and methodologies which are guaranteed to help your clients get significant value, and keep them coming back to you on a regular basis.

Are you committed enough?

We have deliberately kept the cost of entry down so it’s easy for quality people to say ‘Yes, please, tell me more’ without the fear of high and spiralling costs

But, and it’s a big but ….

Please DON’T contact us unless:

  • You are genuinely personally excited by the idea of customer feedback and how it can transform organisations when properly leveraged
  • You are prepared to work hard to build your reputation and find good customers (we’ll support you, but you need to put the work in)
  • You are passionately (and we don’t use that word lightly) committed to practising what you preach (many of our customers have been with us for over 10 years)

This is NOT an easy ‘everyone just sign here’, this is a low cost support system for go getting, passionate, mature people who want a powerful set of tools to support and enhance their offer and enable them to win clients more easily, get high value recurring work from them and keep them for longer.


Benefits of an Investors in Feedback Licence:

  • Significantly increases client interest (makes winning new clients easier)
  • Adds massive value to clients (so they pay you more, use your services more often and stay with you longer)
  • Established and guaranteed methodologies which add value
  • Quality training, coaching and  support material to help you succeed
  • Low cost entry, low monthly fees, so you can partner with us without worrying about the cost


Who Is Right For an Investors in Feedback Licence?

  • Do you have a successful background?
  • Do you have the desire to create your own business, or do you already have a coaching / business support business that you’d like extra tools for?
  • Do you have the skills and mindset to follow a proven methodology and systems?
  • Do you have a strong commercial awareness?
  • Do you have excellent communication and people skills?
  • Are you well organised and self motivated?
  • Do you want genuine freedom, fantastic job satisfaction and to make a real difference to people and organisations?

The Investors in Feedback Licence Cost

There is a low cost entry of just

  • £1500.00 plus VAT, with an ongoing licence fee of
  • £49.00 plus VAT per month
  • Plus an annual CPD training fee of £175+VAT on renewal (annual training event)

So if you want a powerful set of tools to build your own genuinely lucrative and sustainable business as a business coach and trainer, and you think you’re good enough, we want to hear from you!