Honesty is the New brand of Choice

The internet has empowered the consumer like nothing before … and this change is still in it’s infancy. Going forward you cannot hide poor service behind a sexy brand, or bad practices behind clever marketing. Customers HATE being misled: when the truth appears they’ll disappear quicker than rats out of an aqueduct (remember the Ratners […]

‘Everyone’s Talking About’

Everyone’s talking about’… how often do you hear this statement (usually by advertisers)? Well, apart from the obvious fact it can’t be true, it also hides a huge mistake on the part of the advertiser. If everyone was talking about it, there’d be no need to advertise it! So, if you ever feel tempted to make […]

4 Steps to make your Marketing more Effective

‘How to win at marketing and drive more sales?’: this must be the most frequently asked business question of all time. Every individual and Organisation wants their Marketing to make life easier and drive success to them Yet time and time again we see massive under-performance in actual results versus prospective results. So, in this […]