‘Everyone’s Talking About’

Everyone’s talking about’how often do you hear this statement (usually by advertisers)?

Well, apart from the obvious fact it can’t be true, it also hides a huge mistake on the part of the advertiser.

  • If everyone was talking about it, there’d be no need to advertise it!

So, if you ever feel tempted to make similar statements– take the following 3 steps:

  1. Stop and think.
  2. Focus on what you can do to GENUINELY be remarkable and to get people talking about you for the right reasons.
  3. Start building that vision of perfection, step by step.

Not only will this deliver GENUINE long term success, it will also save you money that might otherwise be wasted on trying to promote pretentious and misleading statements.

How much advertising was responsible for Google’s success? Or Game of Thrones?

We all need to snap into reality and start working on what really matters.

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