How to develop processes and systems to build sales?

How to develop processes and systems to build sales?

A somewhat boring seeming question?… Maybe… But let’s put it this way – if any of your systems aren’t aimed at helping you sell more (in the long term), then what are they there for?

Many Organisations have systems that have grown up to solve problems that arose in the past – and often these systems often actually get in the way of boosting sales (Like a credit control system that doesn’t allow a customer to order over a limit). So you need a proactive approach to your systems, like everything else.

So, for every system, continually review, inch by inch: ‘Is this helping build sales?’

  • If yes, ask: ‘What can we do to tweak it to build more sales?’
  • If no, ask: ‘Why is it in place? Can we get that result without sacrificing sales?’

We suggest a weekly process called ‘Go the Extra Inch’ to work on one process per week – don’t go at this like a bull in a china shop – and aim to improve your processes properly week by week.

And one more thing: maybe even better questions would be:

  • ‘How can this process be tweaked to make the customer more eager to buy?’
  • ‘Can we get this result without harming the customer experience?’

The difference is subtle and massive.

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