Investors in feedback ®

Investors in Feedback ® is an idea born out of frustration:

  • frustration of business owners who need to protect their reputation, gather feedback effectively, and interact with the customers but don’t have the time or resource to do so
  • and frustration of customers who don’t know which businesses to trust and which businesses are genuinely trying to get it right and genuinely meet high quality standards in feedback and customer engagement.

Our Aim

is to be seen by you as a trusted partner who adds value to you through audit, accreditation, advice and services  so you can stop worrying and get on with being the best at what you do, secure in the knowledge that our systems are working for you

Our Services

We are NOT here to try and sell you piles of services: we are here to offer you a trusted, proven set of systems to help you run your Organisation better, so you can increase customer experience, reputation, loyalty and referrals, whilst also reducing cost and aggro.

Click here for a list of services to help you not only gather feedback effectively, but also to use it constructively to build sales abd reduce costs, no matter what the outcome.

Investors in Feedback ® is owned and managed by two long term successful entrepreneurs in this field.

Most Feedback is done badly and destroys customer loyalty

There are legions of organisations and systems out there, offering to ‘gather feedback’ and ‘do surveys’ for you: but how do you know which one to use, and which one will REALLY build customer loyalty, reputation and referrals.

Sadly, all too many of them do exactly the opposite. Instead of helping your business, they:

  • Annoy your customer
  • Get low response rates
  • Give you inaccurate information
  • Give you a false and dangerous sense of security
  • Have no systems built in to help you profit and grow from feedback

As experts in the field of customer loyalty, feedback, reputation and referrals, we have been testing and studying how to get it right for over 12 years.

You need an Independent trusted expert to ensure you get it right: because

  • Getting it right isn’t expensive
  • But getting it wrong is disastrous

Don’t delay one more second: stop your reputation and customer loyalty eroding away, and contact us today!

The Key Principles of Feedback

The key principles of effective customer Feedback are;

  • Gathering feedback is vital … and responding to it effectively is what really matters
  • In the world of the empowered customer, not gathering feedback is suicidal
  • The method of feedback gathering must depend on the relationship you have with the customer: one size does NOT fit all!
  • Written feedback has no body language and should be used very cautiously
  • The customer isn’t interested in what YOU want to ask them: they’re interested in that THEY want to tell you: never forget that
  • The feedback process should enhance the overall customer experience: not detract from it
  • All feedback can be used to build sales and reduce costs: there is no such things as ‘bad’ feedback
  • The customer can forgive you for making a mistake: they’ll never forgive you for not engaging with them
  • In the world of the empowered customer and transparent online reputation, the winners focus on ‘return on relationship’

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Guy Arnold

Guy Arnold

Managing Director

Guy is owner of his own small successful feedback and customer loyalty consulting and training Company, and has been working in the field of customer service, feedback and loyalty since 2003. He has written two books on customer loyalty, feedback, sales and reputation, has a long history of business turnaround and business building, and has worked in successful roles in both his own businesses and in small and large corporations.

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