How do I protect my online reputation?

In today’s hyper connected world, there is a lot of talk about protecting online reputation … of course.listening how do I protect my online reputation

Customer reviews and online opinion can make or break your brand or Organisation almost overnight.

There are many Organisations offering to ‘protect’ your online reputation through technology (they constantly trawl online and take electronic actions to mitigate and minimise damage).

But little of this has any real impact because:

  • Once something is published, it’s out there: you can’t stop it
  • There are far too many forums and routes for dissemination: you can’t find it

Research shows us that, traditionally, customers will only tell YOU if you’ve got it wrong one time in 20 (the other 19 times, they tell everyone else). So what can you?

It’s not what ‘can‘ you do … the real question is now: ‘What must I do to protect my online reputation?’

Here are some pointers:

  1. Be proactive: put professional, customer focused feedback systems in that encourage feedback (you’ve got to persuade them to tell YOU first … not twitter)
  2. Genuinely aim to get it right (customers will always forgive genuine mistakes: they’ll never forgive you not caring in the 1st place)
  3. Put world class reaction systems in place (so when they tell you. you can deal with it like an Olympian)
  4. Invest in ‘Sales Through Service‘ systems (so you use these processes to proactively build sales and loyalty)
  5. and OF COURSE, get accredited: engage the services of feedback professionals, accredited by Investors in Feedback, to work with you to get this right

Remember 2 things:

  1. If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, try hiring an amateur
  2. Gathering feedback is vital, it’s how you react to it that really matters

How do I protect my online reputation? Realise that a social revolution is occurring, and start investing in feedback and acting professionally in all your processes around this.