Business Karma

Business Karma The Dalai Lama writes: ‘The word ‘Karma’ simply means ‘action’. So when we talk about our ‘Karma’ we are talking about our intentional (and unintentional) acts of body, speech and mind. And when we talk about the fruits of our Karma, we are talking about the consequences of those acts.’ The same is […]

The Key Principles of Effective Customer Feedback

The key principles of effective customer Feedback are;   Gathering feedback is vital … and responding to it effectively is what really matters In the world of the empowered customer, not gathering feedback is suicidal The method of feedback gathering must depend on the relationship you have with the customer: one size does NOT fit […]

Your customers are talking…  Are you listening?

In today’s hyper connected, value savvy global marketplace, your customers are becoming ever more the key and demanding.  They can talk about you behind your back to the world at the touch of a button and the speed of light. To quote Jeff Bezos: ‘Your brand is what the customer says when you’re not in […]