What customer loyalty schemes work best?

What customer loyalty schemes work best? We want loyal customers! We want customers to buy more and refer others to us! Of course we do, and there’s acres of print on ‘how to run customer loyalty schemes’, and what to offer as incentives. There’s just one small problem …. It’s all rubbish! Recent in depth […]

How to Go the Extra Mile?

 How to Go the Extra Mile? There’s always lots of marketing talk about ‘Going the Extra Mile’ and it sounds sexy, doesn’t it? Well, here’s a little secret that not many people know –  it’s not realistic or a good idea (it’s just a marketing phrase which sounds cool). It’s not realistic because it’s too […]

How do I formulate a sales strategy?

How do I formulate a sales strategy? Of course you want a sales strategy, otherwise you might look silly at a meeting and get terrible sales results. But, let’s face it, how many ‘sales strategies’ have you seen that were based on wishful thinking and numbers picked out of the air (at best!)? So, instead […]

Why feedback doesn’t work: manipulating feedback is like taking aspirin for a broken leg!

As feedback specialists, we help businesses organisations with all sorts of feedback on-line off-line, direct and indirect, immediate and delayed. (I bet you didn’t even know that there where so many variations!) Now, most people are beginning to realise that feedback only has value when it is transparent, and includes both positive and negative; but […]

Your customers are talking…  Are you listening?

In today’s hyper connected, value savvy global marketplace, your customers are becoming ever more the key and demanding.  They can talk about you behind your back to the world at the touch of a button and the speed of light. To quote Jeff Bezos: ‘Your brand is what the customer says when you’re not in […]

Your brand is what people say about you behind your back

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.com probably the most successful retail business of all time, is consistently quoted as saying the above about businesses Brands. Yet, how much time and effort do businesses often put into feedback and genuinely getting close to the customer versus developing Brands and pretty Logos? I think the point is clear: […]