What social media marketing works ?

What social media marketing works ?

‘Social Media’ has been a buzzword for a while now.

At first it was promoted as the ‘answer to everything’ ; just advertise here and you’ll have clients flooding in (and we all have heard that line somewhere before!)

Then it was : you have to be there and communicating with your tribe.

Because everyone always wants a simple answer and a quick fix.

So here is the simple answer and quick fix.

Simple answer: social media is just a new way of communicating that means your customer, or potential customer, can find out all about you, and tell others all about you, without your knowledge of consent. It is a radical change in consumer behaviour that will have ever growing revolutionary impacts.

Quick fix: as communication has become two way and interactive, so must you and your marketing. This means simply that you must take 4 steps:

  1. Genuinely have an attitude of wanting to wow the customer
  2. Gather feedback and engage with customers systematically and proactively
  3. Look for the customers’ REAL (emotional needs) and design your systems and processes around these
  4. Do this and continue to change and evolve in small steps


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